Sharon stood by my side during my darkest hours and my most difficult challenges, she never left me. Never. 

Those times are behind me. I am now at a point of clarity within that I never knew was possible before. 

In just a little over 1 year of her constant guidance, I was taught, challenged and tested so perfectly that I am now fully responsible and capable to center myself in purer thoughts of Love at all times.

It is difficult to put how I feel into words. I feel lifted. I am no longer tortured by my thoughts. I am the captain of the ship and I refuse to live in the illusion of pain and suffering. I chose to sail the seas of Infinite Love, where I belong.

Through Course 3 and the work that Sharon has done, a chapter is closing for me and a new one is being written. I am born again into everything that I have always been. I feel new. I feel light. I feel beyond words.

I live on the side of Light, where the only tears I shed are those made of Joy and Beauty. This is where I stand. Within and without, always there yet never far. I rejoice in the knowing that many more will soon discover the beautiful Truth that lies within them. I rejoice in the infinite growth that is yet to come.

It is something to be experienced.

The promises that Love beholds are beyond anything I could have ever imagined and wished for. Oh! What the Heart knows...

So a million times, THANK YOU Sharon, for having seen beyond the illusion I used to believe in and for helping me reveal the beautiful Being I have always been. 

We are so very blessed that You Are in the world.

With all my deepest Love,


Dear Sharon,

Like the rain that gives itself to all that need it, like the sun that warms us all without asking for anything in return, like the wind that gives us a gentle touch when we need it the most, like Mother Earth that gives us all we need and more…That is you, a bright beautiful shining light.  And for those closest to the dark, the more you shine without getting affected by it.

This is you: friend, mother and teacher.

Thank you Sharon for being who you are.

Jaime M.


I'm so Grateful for having Sharon as my Spiritual teacher.

In Course 1 I learned how important it is to be aware of my every thought and let them be guided in love.  Releasing almost immediately any negative energy or thought as soon as I'm aware of it, to Creator in Love.  By staying in the energy of Love I have so much more Clarity of thought, Freedom, and Peace of mind.  At times I know what the thought is going to be before I even think it.  So I can decide whether I want to give any energy to this thought before I even have it.

I am so Grateful for this Divine blessing of Love.

I look forward to being of service to others, as I am guided following my Inner Guidance from my Heart Center.

Randy F.


Sharon has been working with me over the past several years.  Her devotion and love for me has been overwhelming.  She has opened my eyes, mind and heart to a higher and purer part of myself.  It is with gratitude that I write this testimonial to the magnitude of the shift of my life in peace and love.



I would like to start by thanking Sharon for all she has done for me.

I felt so many negative things about me, so many doubts and fears practically all my life.  I was lost and with no hope, but when I met Sharon everything changed.  Since I have been in contact with her I not only feel better but I have learned so many things and I feel like everything is making sense now.  She helped me wake up and helped me detach from illusion.  Sharon has an amazing energy, so it's very easy to feel when she is doing any of her beautiful work on you.  With all she has done for me I found hope, compassion, love, care and so many more awesome things.

I am being freed thanks to her.  I am sure that in no time I will be doing amazing things that I never dreamed of.

Thank you Sharon!

Much love


Evolving in DIVINE LOVE has no end, no time nor space, restrictions or conditions. Sharon’s commitment and DIVINE RESPECT has demonstrated time after time that DIVINE LOVE is the only POWER and the only LIGHT. DIVINE LOVE alone is what shall set us FREE as we open our HEARTS and ask with SINCERITY to be FREED.

The most powerful type of teaching is that of the teacher that lives by example, such is the case with Sharon. Her work, living TRUTH, unconditional LOVE and ongoing assistance has encouraged and helped me to integrate her teachings to such a fine degree that I can now have a peaceful and purposeful life in which I can be of service for the GREATEST GOOD OF THE WHOLE.

Thank you, Sharon, for all your admirable patience.
Daniel M. 


Sharon is like no other I have ever met.  She has stirred my soul to such a degree that my perception of life and myself has opened in ways that I never knew were possible.  I feel happy, more loving, am kinder and more gentle than I ever imagined I could be.  I care beyond myself which was never really possible before because of all the negativity I was harbouring as my reality and truth here.  She is my inspiration, my love.

Rick C.


I always knew Sharon was different, even when she had no idea of the impact she had on others simply by being in the room.  Her depth of compassion is such a treasure for all that are fortunate enough to have her in their lives.  She was able to always see within others and speak from the heart bringing to them exactly what they needed to hear.  She did this since childhood without even realizing that she was living with divine gifts.   These gifts have always been who she is.  Love, trust, faith, compassion, kindness, generosity, free giving and complete devotion to others well being.  I am a better person just having her in my life.

Cathy C.


I have known Sharon for over forty years.  She was always different from others.  Sort of behind the scenes and yet a very strong presence.  I could never quite put my finger on it as to what, or who she really was, until tragedy took place within my own life and I felt her presence with me when she wasn’t even there.  I was enveloped with her presence, her energy which was a deep deep feeling of pure love, tranquility and knowing that everything would be okay.  The power of it was beyond words.  Her Truth has been shown to me and my heart was awoken through this experience.  My love and gratitude for simply being in my life is beyond words and measure.

Jean L.