Spiritual Liaison

Sharon is working as a Spiritual Liaison in whatever capacity is needed. This work can be done in person or by email. You will be able to get clarity, answers, understanding, comfort, and deeper knowledge within, in any area of concern or concerns that you have. She is able to assist with closure and comfort from departed loved ones.

A one hour session is $100 USD. It can be taped if you wish


Letters of the Heart

Sharon has been writing “Letters of the Heart” for the past thirty years.  These letters are positive, uplifting messages unique for each, giving clarity of one’s soul purpose at this time in their physical life.  Often confirming one’s own intuitive guidance, these letters bring comfort and joy from one’s Higher Self.  Being in the written form, a higher energy is connected through the physical.  This form of communication is similar to oral messages of clairvoyants, but differs in the sensory connection of the light pulsations through the written word to the physicality of the mind/soul connection.