Course Two

Consciously Working With and Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts

Course One must be completed before taking this course.

Course Two is a 16 week program that will be taken under daily guidance and constant communication with me as needed.

Points covered in the course will include:

• Understanding the nature of thoughts and their correlation between bands of energy and energy cords
• Understanding and coming to terms with divine directive for your spiritual gifts
• Understanding, using, and opening completely to divine protection in all aspects of your life
• Releasing of unwanted lower energy connections to others
• Practicing and using divine energy connection working through the Heart in Purity of Truth
• Finding your true purpose for this life you are living

The price of Course Two is $1,200 USD.



Dear Sharon,

Like the rain that gives itself to all that need it, like the sun that warms us all without asking for anything in return, like the wind that gives us a gentle touch when we need it the most, like Mother Earth that gives us all we need and more…That is you, a bright beautiful shining light.  And for those closest to the dark, the more you shine without getting affected by it.

This is you: friend, mother and teacher.

Thank you Sharon for being who you are.

Jaime M.