Course Three

Freedom of the “I AM” Through the Human Form

A continuation of Courses One and Two, deeper understanding and freeing of True Self is the focus of Course Three. This is a 14 week program freeing energies, human conditioning, mind programming, self sabotage and uncertainty from your life.

Results are:

• Clearer vision
• Purer insight
• Hearing/feeling guidance from your spiritual teachers by thought forms through the heart center
• KNOWING through a deeper tranquility than what you have experienced before
• Experiencing PEACE while in chaotic energy around you
• Spiritual gifts becoming more prevalent in your life

There will be ongoing support both energetically and by email with Sharon, who is working alongside your spiritual teachers of pure intent.

The price of Course Three is $1,200 USD



Sharon stood by my side during my darkest hours and my most difficult challenges, she never left me. Never. 

Those times are behind me. I am now at a point of clarity within that I never knew was possible before. 

In just a little over 1 year of her constant guidance, I was taught, challenged and tested so perfectly that I am now fully responsible and capable to center myself in purer thoughts of Love at all times.

It is difficult to put how I feel into words. I feel lifted. I am no longer tortured by my thoughts. I am the captain of the ship and I refuse to live in the illusion of pain and suffering. I chose to sail the seas of Infinite Love, where I belong.

Through Course 3 and the work that Sharon has done, a chapter is closing for me and a new one is being written. I am born again into everything that I have always been. I feel new. I feel light. I feel beyond words.

I live on the side of Light, where the only tears I shed are those made of Joy and Beauty. This is where I stand. Within and without, always there yet never far. I rejoice in the knowing that many more will soon discover the beautiful Truth that lies within them. I rejoice in the infinite growth that is yet to come.

It is something to be experienced.

The promises that Love beholds are beyond anything I could have ever imagined and wished for. Oh! What the Heart knows...

So a million times, THANK YOU Sharon, for having seen beyond the illusion I used to believe in and for helping me reveal the beautiful Being I have always been. 

We are so very blessed that You Are in the world.

With all my deepest Love,


Evolving in DIVINE LOVE has no end, no time nor space, restrictions or conditions. Sharon’s commitment and DIVINE RESPECT has demonstrated time after time that DIVINE LOVE is the only POWER and the only LIGHT. DIVINE LOVE alone is what shall set us FREE as we open our HEARTS and ask with SINCERITY to be FREED.

The most powerful type of teaching is that of the teacher that lives by example, such is the case with Sharon. Her work, living TRUTH, unconditional LOVE and ongoing assistance has encouraged and helped me to integrate her teachings to such a fine degree that I can now have a peaceful and purposeful life in which I can be of service for the GREATEST GOOD OF THE WHOLE.

Thank you, Sharon, for all your admirable patience.
Daniel M.