Course One

Self Empowerment and Awakening to your Divine Potential

Once completed your awareness will be opened to 6th dimensional reality or beyond.

•Self reflection and releasing illusions
• Learn techniques to free yourself from limited thinking
• Learn techniques to attune yourself to purer energies in the realms of Love.
• Learn techniques for true alignment of opening and connecting your heart  to the higher energy of LOVE
• Blocks removed
• Permanent cord removal
• Cellular DNA reconstruction

Once payment is received you will get a link to download the 12 week course. There is ongoing support and your personal "Letters of the Heart" throughout the 12 weeks as needed. Your personal spiritual teachers and healers, along with the higher Lords of Light will be assisting in this energy shift that you will be going through.

The price of Course One is $900 USD



Thank you so much, Sharon,  for this amazing and beautiful job that you are doing!
This Course is literally not from this world. It helped me so much.  It gave me the answers to so many questions I had and is helping me remember who I really am.
I learned of the power that we have and  that compassion, kindness, and caring is my guide and freedom.  
The most important thing that I learned is how to control my thoughts. I learned when I'm living in illusion and when I'm in pure love connected with Divine Source.

I would like to finish telling you how much this Course has positively impacted my life, but if you are reading this, do not doubt that this is for you too!

Much love to you all.

Jaime M.


"Words simply cannot express the magnitude of gratitude that is in my heart for having Sharon in my life. I fully resonate with her teachings, which are THE answer I had been waiting for so many years. 
In a few weeks only, Sharon has helped me clear my energy, which shifted so drastically that my life is now changing for the best. Everything I was asking for is now slowly coming to me because I TRUSTED. I wouldn't change anything and I bless the day that I received my Letter Of The Heart, the day that Sharon came back into my life this time around.

Sharon you are a blessing to this world and I profusely thank the Creator of All that is Love for everything it has done so our path could cross this lifetime again.

This path has now become the most important part of my life and I wouldn't want anybody else than Sharon to walk with by my side."

Estelle M.


I'm so Grateful for having Sharon as my Spiritual teacher.

In Course 1 I learned how important it is to be aware of my every thought and let them be guided in love.  Releasing almost immediately any negative energy or thought as soon as I'm aware of it, to Creator in Love.  By staying in the energy of Love I have so much more Clarity of thought, Freedom, and Peace of mind.  At times I know what the thought is going to be before I even think it.  So I can decide whether I want to give any energy to this thought before I even have it.

I am so Grateful for this Divine blessing of Love.

I look forward to being of service to others, as I am guided following my Inner Guidance from my Heart Center.

Randy F.