Course Four

Completion of Divine Initiations

Those that complete Course Four will be:

1. Healers of Divine Restoration. This level of healing is new on the planet.
2. Teachers of Truth within Divine Principles.
3. Working with others of this level of clarity and purity in Truth in Healing/Teaching Centers.

This is a sixteen week Course

The price of Course Four is $1200 USD.



We all have very different lessons in life, most of which catch us by surprise and leave us in utter shock and quite confused. After acknowledging all the logistical choices and actions, we are left with two, deeper, more meaningful, life choices. One, we dwell in self-pity, victimism, self-sabotage, and anger; Or two, we decide to use this lesson to GROW IN LOVE and continue to move forward.

It’s definitely much easier to go with choice number one and give-in to the ego. We get people to agree with us, be by our side, have sympathy for us and to give us plenty of attention and energy. However, we begin to see a pattern with the energy of the same lesson coming into our lives, over and over.

Option two takes a lot more commitment and focus, but the outcome is liberating, quite literally. We must surrender the ego to Creator of Love so that we may see the lesson with clarity. Once the ego is aside we begin to see ourselves moving forward in the PATH OF DIVINE LOVE.

However, surrendering the ego is no easy task. It takes focus, vigilance and practice. I came to realize that as I was improving my state of being I was being judgmental of others. It is true, that we each choose our lessons, but there needs to be Divine Compassion at all times, this is one of the ways in which Divine Love works through us is assisting others that open for help. If we condemn them for their lessons and suffering, believing that they chose it and they deserve it, then we create much harm and darkness for them, us and ALL. We must allow Divine Compassion to flow through us at all times.

Evolving in DIVINE LOVE has no end, no time nor space, restrictions or conditions. This means that as we are coming to terms with our TRUE SELF we are always loved and we are always guided. We are given information for our personal growth as much as we are ready to receive at any given point, we then are given the opportunity to integrate it. There is never a mistake in this process, for it comes from Divine Plan. Commitment to integrate what we learn requires intense focus and practice.

My Spiritual Teacher, Sharon, always reminded me, that no amount of studying can move you forward on your evolutionary pathway, it is your intentions, motivations and actions that create your “truth”, they must be guided in LOVE. Monitoring our thoughts and intentions is something that we must do full time, it is then that we begin to understand our lessons and our purpose in life. 

As we continue to integrate what we learn we must realize that moving forward in Divine Love cannot be a selfish act. Everything is part of a bigger plan and guidance must be followed at all times. When guidance is not followed things that need to be completed within Divine Plan can’t move forward. This causes much unnecessary physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual strain to all those involved here in the physical realm and much more unseen in the Higher Realms. We begin to see how crucial it is to realize that nothing is personal, there is no “I “, we are part of the WHOLE. Our every thought, intention and action affect the GREATER WHOLE creating ripples in the Divine Plan. Our selfish actions have more repercussions that we might want believe, not only in this reality but in many other realms.  

This was definitely my hardest lesson to integrate. To see and acknowledge, in detail, how my thoughts, intentions and actions were affecting and disrespecting Divine Plan and my Spiritual Teachers was very painful. I was able to see the difference between having the knowledge and actually living it. That is why Sharon said that no amount of studying would move me forward.

In being of assistance to others was another area I needed to pay close attention to. When I was helping others monetarily, I was helping them with the knowing that I had enough. I felt safe giving, knowing I had a constant income. In one way or another there was always the energy and intention of recognition and praise for doing good deeds. This defeated the whole purpose of helping. While temporarily alleviating the situation in the physical, it actually created major energy blocks and much darkness at a collective level and beyond. If all we have is 10 dollars in our bank account and that is precisely what is needed to help someone, then we must give it in Divine Flow as we follow guidance.

When we give, it must ALWAYS be from the Heart for the greatest good of all. It’s also essential not to tell others about our deeds or discuss it in any way for unwanted energies are able to manipulate and interfere with divine intent even on subtle levels that we are not even aware of. We are all familiar with the saying, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand does.

Furthermore, in TRUTH we own nothing. Therefore, to live my life in Truth it was necessary for me to surrender all ideas of ownership, success, fame, material possessions and all other illusions that were hindering my growth in Love. Everything must be allowed for DIVINE FLOW.

Thanks to these lessons I now understand that everything I do must always have a Divine Purpose. Nothing can be done for self-gain, self-recognition or self-absorption.

Now I understand that every dollar that I earn should be used for the GREATEST GOOD OF ALL and given gratitude for. Acquiring things and hoarding without Divine Intention is of darkness. I am so grateful to have integrated this as it has allowed me to move further on my path.

The highest form of Healing can only come from TRUTH, not through the belief that we as physical beings have the power to heal through means of moving energy around.  In TRUTH there is no hiding, no masks, no pretending. In TRUTH everything that is not in alignment will be seen. Creator of love and co-operation of Divine Brotherhoods are working ceaselessly for each asking for assistance through the GIFT OF DIVINE GRACE. When we ask with sincerity this will be SEEN in TRUTH and this is where the Healing takes place. This healing will also release all those connected to it in all time/space elements and dimensional realities. It’s a permanent healing, which is such a BLESSING this life time. 

This is the type of Healing that Sharon has been doing for me and thousands of other people. She has been doing it, even without myself, or people realizing that they are being blessed with clearing of energies that they have asked for with sincerity. Her devotion and unconditional Love has taught me so much about Divine Respect and has helped me break away from my ego-driven beliefs.

Doing this without looking for recognition fame or even being financially compensated is the Ultimate Form of Unconditional Love and Devotion to her Higher Self and Divine Plan. She has demonstrated that through DIVINE RESPECT and through your HEART FREEDOM CAN BE FOUND.

For eons, sacred teachings have been misused and altered as “truth” to control, misguide and manipulate civilizations by beings that wish to hold power and control. This has created much darkness.  

This was a particular area that needed much releasing and healing during my developmental stage. We have been given the GIFT of FREEDOM through the POWER of DIVINE GRACE from all illusions of TRUTH. Had it not been for this GIFT of FREEDOM I would have carried on for eternity in lower realities.

However, I had to confront and recognize very painful aspects of my being, at a deep level, in which I wanted to manipulate these Divine Teachings to hold control, power and gain recognition. I would not have been able to move forward until I acknowledged such ill will and I released it back to Divine Intent. Once I had faced these aspects, Sharon’s Healing and Releasing work through her Unconditional Love and holding PURE ENERGY for me assisted me to move forward.

During this time all the teachers of Truth assisting during the shift will be carefully overlooked in TRUTH every step of the way. If any intention is misaligned from Divine Truth, they will be stopped immediately and made aware. Only those with a PURE HEART will be allowed to move forward on this path and become Teachers of Truth. We must always remember, there is no hiding in TRUTH.

Through DIVINE RESPECT I now know that I am just a part of the WHOLE doing my part, a link on the chain sort of speak. We are not more special or better than anyone else. We are One in Truth. As a physical being we have no power, it is Divine Grace alone working through us where the gifts and power come from. I am now here to be fully of service for the GREATEST GOOD OF ALL. I have surrendered to Divine Creator of Love all the ideas I had of personal power or control. I am an instrument of LOVE, PEACE, COMPASSION AND KINDNESS. 

Daniel M.


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