Spiritual Health Therapy


Sharon JS

This reality that we find ourselves in is not our Truth.  We have been bound in a darkness of ourselves without realizing that we can experience a more profound and beautiful reality that lies within us.
We are beings of Nature, of Beauty, of Love!
We are beings of Pure Energy of Divine Nature just like the animal and plant kingdoms are in Essence of Divine Nature.
Our own separation from our Higher State of being is of a great darkness that we do not have to experience any longer.
It is through Divine Grace that we are being granted FREEDOM to live beyond this dark aspect of being and return to Divine Nature of who we really are.

Sharon's life is a testament to the power that lives within us.  Enduring much loss and trauma throughout her life, she found solace within a deeper aspect of being which led her on an inner quest for many years.  She is publicly sharing these deep Truths that have been shared with her from a Purer realm of being.  She has found solace and great strength of being to overcome all the darkness that was binding her in fear, uncertainty and disrespect of who she really is.  
These Truths are for ALL.  Her capacity to see and feel beyond your limited self will assist you in any capacity that you are seeking freedom and clarity in.  You are not alone on this journey of life.  So much LOVE is encompassing you at all times.  Sharon's life's journey and beauty of pure essence can assist in guiding you on your own powerful reunion of your inner strength and beauty of pure self based in LOVE alone.




True spiritual medium trained in Ancient Wisdom connected with Atlantis and Orion.



Tools of ancient and sacred geometry, Light letters, and healing modalities of the purest realms are used in Sharon's work.



Starting with a Letter of the Heart, you will open up in ways of personal transformation that you never dreamed possible